A message from Innerspacism owner and founder, Olivia Henrie:

What kind of ceremonies do you think of when someone mentioned ritual? Maybe you think about a long, complex series of archaic chants. Some may excuse rituals as religious or old fashioned but they are an essential part of the human condition and remain in practice until this day. It’s true that rituals have been heavily used in religious circles, and sometimes give people a bad taste in their mouth. But do they have to? What about your morning beverage or the peculiar order you follow while preparing a bath? 

The best rituals are the simple ones that help us stay present and humble. The power of a ritual doesn’t come in the adherence of the steps but rather from the physical reminder that a spiritual transition is happening. I find some of the most meaningful habits in my life have risen to ritualistic levels. 

Rituals afford the opportunity to be intentional with my thoughts and actions. They give me structure. They help me define my place in the world. They connect me to the moment, the place, and brings me peace. Through rituals, we can connect with one another through gratitude and acceptance. Through ritual we strengthen identity and gain confidence. We mark important events in our lives through ritual and we are able to process happiness and sorrow. 

I have many daily rituals. I begin the day by lighting sweetgrass to cleanse my space and making a french press coffee while I meditate on the day ahead. When I get home from work I’ll often sip a cocktail while sitting on my porch to reflect on my interactions throughout the day. And to wind down for the day I transition by turning on lamps and candles as the sun sets to prepare my space and my mind.

Some other personal rituals of mine are:

Having a spa day with myself-- where I draw a bath and fill it with salts and oils, apply a face mask, paint my nails, drink a glass of wine and have a good read by my side. This ritual helps me nurture, love and connect to myself. 

Gardening-- everything from the upkeep to preserving such as making jams, drying herbs and pressing flowers. This ritual fills me with gratitude for all of the beautiful gifts nature provides for us. It allows me to feed myself and preserve all that is left for later indulgence. 

Hosting dinner parties-- this consists of mindfully setting the table, carefully selecting the dinnerware, lighting candles, gathering a flower bunch for the centerpiece, and making a playlist for the feast. The ritual of setting up a dinner party helps set the tone and creates an atmosphere for the night, where memories can be made. Throwing a dinner party also allows me to show my gratitude and love with those that are dear to me.

I don’t believe there are certain times, places, actions, or words that make up a ritual. We have the ability to create meaning in our everyday lives through ritual simply by being present, mindful and intentional. We don’t need the mastery from anyone other than ourselves. Today ritual is created by everyone, for everyone and we get to make it up as we go.