What is Innerspacism?



We are a SLC based co-op of artists and designers lead by founder and artistic director, Olivia Henrie.

We house an exclusive selection of home goods, fine art prints, stationary supplies, apothecary items, custom furniture, and other goods thoughtfully sourced for your dwelling and lifestyle.

Aromatic candles, hand thrown ceramics, one of a kind furniture, and other unique works of art are all made by a diverse community of dedicated women who have honed their crafts in a wide range of popular and unique decor aesthetics for every setting and mood.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build community. To create positive opportunities for women. And to empower their non-traditional lifestyles. We believe in a fair wage to the maker, and reasonably priced, quality products for our community. We believe we can accomplish our mission through building relationships with like minded creators and consumers who value meaningfully designed, emotionally expressive products that are environmentally conscious and ethically sourced.

What We Value



We are all part of the earth, we all deserve to be here as much as everyone and everything else.

Innerspacism’s mission is to empower communities of makers and artists. This requires a peaceful, creative, and sustainable relationship with our environment.

Because of this we believe in responsibly and sustainably sourcing our materials.



Animism is the spiritual belief that objects, places, and creatures all possess a distinct essence.

We believe that the items in your life should be soulful. This practice can be seen in the way we harvest, reclaim, and recycle natural elements like clay, wood, and metal.

If any practice becomes harmful or unsustainable, we believe in finding alternatives or phasing out those products.



Innerspacism’s co-op is comprised entirely of female small business owners who operate as a way to support their lifestyle and to practice their craft.

Additionally, our community often rallies around one another to support gallery showings, collection announcements, and any other excuse to gather and empower one another.

Olivia Henrie is an interior decorator and stylist, turned ceramicist and furniture designer. She is the founder of Innerspacism and co-founder of Atelier, a boutique retail shop in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Most importantly, she is the host of countless dinner parties — one of her favorite rituals to share with others.

coming home

Even at a young age we all knew that Olivia’s future was bound to making healing spaces for her community. She first connected with the soulfulness of “found” items when her mother would take her to estate sales and thrift stores — a weekly ritual that remains today.

Her father worked contract jobs so the family frequently moved all around the American Southwest. Olivia learned from her mother how to turn a cold, sterile space in a brand new town into a welcoming sanctuary that your heart chooses to call home.

In addition to inheriting her mother’s intuitive style and decor skills — Olivia and her sisters learned a great deal about composition, color, form, emphasis and the creative process as a whole from watching her father as he would paint regional landscapes in his studio. Yet another ritual that is practiced to this day.



“My creative process is my healing process” she often states. Olivia draws on her personal experiences and journey through life as the catalyst for her designs. As a child of the desert, she has internalized a number of lessons and adaptations taught first hand by Mother Nature’s most delicate ecosystems. At first glance, these wastelands appear barren and desolate. But as many have discovered before her, if you look close enough you will find that life not only survives — it thrives.

The desert reveals a creative process that tempers and refines everything that ventures into the unknown. As Olivia said herself:


“I’m inspired and obsessed with the living art that is created when lichen forms on the cliffs and hardpan of the desert.”


“The colors, textures and varnishing patterns created by the formation of patina on sandstone heavily influences my practice of pottery.”


“The refining way the desert weathers natural elements such as plants, metal, and clay.”


“I’ve learned the necessity of integrating relationships between environment and dwelling.”


“Most inspiring to me are the people who have chosen to call this unique environment their home.”


“Our way of life is built on community and balancing our actions with respect for our surroundings.”

What is your ritual?

In the end, Olivia lives her mission, to build and foster a community of makers and designers through empowering relationships and supporting one another. This has become a ritual for her. Innerspacism is a community that respects the healing and growth that comes from practicing mindful rituals. Whether it’s the aroma, ambience, aesthetic, or auras — we value the entire experience of a ritual as a whole. Our community of makers and artists labor out of love to keep this community together and strong.

Our Community of ArtistS + MakerS


Monica Ellee Henrie

Artist + Painter //
IG @m.ellee.art


Elaine Henrie

Maker + Apothecarian // Co-founder of Botanica Aroma


Lilian Michelle Henrie

Maker + Apothecarian // Co-founder of Botanica Aroma


Marina Atherton

Maker + Ceramicist //
IG @likeaharbor